Brand Development – Identity Design

Your brand mark is indispensable for any successful business. It’s not just your logo; it encompasses all the ways you engage with your target audience – through visuals, messaging, sounds, colors, imagery, language, and personality that reflect the finest qualities of your business. With a coordinated and consistent marketing effort over time, your brand evolves into a distinctive portrait that your audience comes to recognize, trust, and value.

I believe the branding process should be consistent regardless of the company’s size. While larger budgets offer more time for research, strategy, and design – undoubtedly an advance – smaller budgets still allow for essential questions. In such cases, reliance on gut instincts is key. Experience holds value across the spectrum. Whether you’re launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one, we’re poised to assist you every step of the way.






Images First Row: Brands created for Christina Blondin Interior Design, Handmade for Mother Jane. Second Row: Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board, Smelly Sock Potpourri and Elect Monique Trudnowski. Third Row: Kalbi Time Marinade and Olympic Industrial Supply. Fourth row: Fuel Resource Services, Honeymoon Bay Coffee Roasters and BDC Choi.


The process begins by uncovering what drives you to offer your service or product. Next, we identify what motivates your audience to desire it. Answering these questions enables us to pinpoint what sets you apart in fulfilling their needs and desires. This forms the basis of your brand positioning, which is the fundamental promise you make to your audience. Upholding this promise fosters customer trust and loyalty – that bedrock of every exceptional brand. That’s precisely why crafting a brand that authentically represents you and the promise you make is paramount.

Here are a few Brand Style Guides:


Click to access CBD-brandstyleguide.pdf

Click to access OIS-brandstyleguide.pdf

Click to access KTM-brandstyleguide

Event Branding



Images First row: Event Brands created for the Horizons Economic Forecast and Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber’s Annual Meeting. Second row: Horizons Economic Forecast and Honeymoon Bay Coffee Roasters 10th Anniversary Celebration and Product Launch Campaign.