Why CK?

Here are some reasons why CK Graphic Design LLC is a smart and solid choice as your ad agency or contract design/marketing professional.

More than Design

Thanks to my early job experiences outside the design world, I know business from the business side. I know the importance of understanding your customer and keeping those relationships strong. So, when you come to me for my design expertise, you can be confident you’ll not only get great design, you’ll get great customer service and support.

And because I understand both business to business as well as business to customer relationships, I can evaluate your needs more efficiently and come back with solutions tailored to meet your unique objectives.


Designers have a reputation for being temperamental and pushy. A touch of pushy can be beneficial when tempered with a rational explanation, but moodiness from me is just not acceptable for any reason. Here’s what you can count on: a pleasant and professional attitude, direct communications, my respect for you and your profession, and a genuine interest in building a trustful relationship.


Images: Fun Cart crew listening to Dave Calhoun’s great music at the Chamber Golf Classic and Maria Harlow and Christina Kitchens taking a selfie.

Account Management

This may not be the primary reason you’re checking me out, but providing efficient and effective account management is essential if you want your design project or campaign to deliver positive results. Even great design can fall short if the plan is flawed, the timeline is off, the audience is missed, the budget is over, or our relationship is strained.

Project Approach

Here’s my process should you choose me as your designer:

1. BUDGET: Establishing a budget is the starting point. My job is to get the most out of however much money you have to work with always keeping a close eye on responsible investment and reasonable return. You can either tell me your budget and I’ll come back with an estimate of what we can achieve for that amount or I can come up with a budget based on what I feel is needed to accomplish your goal and we can fine tune from there. The goal from the budget process is to work out and arrive at achievable expectations.

2. ASSESS: Getting to know you, your audience, your marketplace and your goals is a critical task we will accomplish together. This can be as basic as meeting for a conversation followed by a little research at my end. Or if the budget allows we can conduct more in-depth interviews and expand our research effort. If you want results it’s vital that we have this information, as it will inform a design approach that communicates the right message to the right people.

3. PLAN: Successfully managing the process to ensure the job is done on time and in budget always comes down to having an approved plan in place. In this phase we will define our deadline and the timelines needed for research, design and production.

4. DESIGN: My design process is tailored to your budget. The bigger the budget, the more time I can invest in each of the following stages. First stage is for me to come up with a Strategy Sheet based on our conversations and research, which will outline the communication message and objective for your approval. Second stage is Rough Ideas where I will use the strategy sheet to come up with from one to three rough designs for you to review (in the event I fail to come up with a direction you like for reasons that can be clearly defined, I am willing to provide one more round for the same budget). Third stage is refining the chosen direction. And the last stage is final digital production where proof reading and file preparation is finalized and readied for print or posting. Your approval is always needed before I proceed to each stage.

5. PRODUCTION: This is where I oversee and manage relationships with the vendors, such as printers, we choose for final production. I work with them to arrive at our budget, timeline and delivery expectations. This also includes me reviewing the proof before delivering it to you for final approval. If the budget allows I will also do press checks when premium quality control is desired.

It is as important to assess the job after completion as it is before we get started. This is where you evaluate the process, how well we succeeded and how to refine our approach in the future. If there are any hiccups along the way, this is when we review them so we can avoid them in the next job. And if we don’t see the results we shot for, we can evaluate where we missed and whether we need to fine-tune our audience profile, delivery method or message.